Richard Whitfield

“It’s got a good atmosphere. You are free to do whatever you like doing in the arts.”

Richard is an established artist having exhibited his work widely since 1987. He mostly paints portraits, creating bold images that depict a visionary landscape of his own life and times. Richard’s work uses strong brush strokes of acrylic paint as he uses light and shade to create shadow and form in his atmospheric paintings.

His artwork reflects his interest in surrealism and the portrait paintings of Francis Bacon, especially Bacon’s brush work.

Using the proportion of the head to create a grid system Richard draws his subject on canvas, using ball point pen. He then paints the canvas Venetian red before painting the people over it. Venetian red is good for creating the shadows in his compositions.

Richard also does a significant amount of experimental work, building assemblages and experiments with paint and collage in his home studio.

Screw Loose
Screw Loose
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
Portrait of Robert
Portrait of Robert
Untitled 1
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled 2


ArtStudio01 Group Exhibition Participate Contemporary Artspace, Shrewsbury August 2018

Lawn & Meadow Open Exhibition Participate Contemporary Artspace, Shrewsbury August 2018

Selected Solo Exhibitions – English Bridge Workshops, Shrewsbury 2000 to present

Key Dates

Joined ArtStudio01 2017

BA Fine Art Birmingham Polytechnic 1987-90

Foundation Shrewsbury Technical College 1985

Art Southall Special School, Dawley 1976-1985

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