Mark Lloyd

“Drawing. Painting. Scratching Board”

Mark’s work is extremely accomplished and illustrative in nature.

Drawn from memory Mark’s drawings tells of his travels, depicting scenes with dynamic accurate perspective drawings and lines. His themes include trains and trains moving in and out of railway stations, views of the landscape from the train, motorways, motorway service stations, cars and crossway road junctions and buildings that surround them; places he has visited include Birmingham and the Black Country, Blackpool, Glasgow and London. His drawings are also influenced by the array of leaflets he collects from visitor centres, museums and art galleries during his visits. Mark also uses photographs he has taken, to make his paintings, resulting in completely original compositions.

Mark predominantly uses fine quality marker pens and favours A4 Bristol Board as a surface to make his work on at home. In the studio he experiments with different mediums such as watercolour paint and scratch board. Also in the studio Mark works on a much larger bigger scale, A1, using his own photographs and his collection of leaflets as inspiration.

In 2017 Mark was awarded an Arts Council England Grants For The Arts Award.

He is a prolific artist both in his own time and in the studio. He has a considerable portfolio of his own work at home, drawings dating back 40 years. A life’s work and personal history depicting motorway and trains in the West Midlands. Most of it unseen and kept by Mark under wraps. He shares some of this with us on occasion.

His work has been widely exhibited both in the UK and was exhibited in Kaarisilta Biennale Finland 2017 and in the ‘No Boundaries’ National Network Rail touring exhibition alongside Tanya Raabe-Webber. His work proves to be very popular with audiences online and in person and have sold nationwide.

View From Train to Glasgow 1
View From Train to Glasgow 1
View From Train to Glasgow 2
View From Train to Glasgow 2
View From Train to Glasgow 3
View From Train to Glasgow 3
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
Train to Aberystwyth Station
Virgin Train Leaving London Euston Station
Virgin Train Stands at London Euston Station
Two Virgin HSTs Stand at london Euston Station
Electric Multiple Units Leave London Euston Station
Trafalgar Square London
Suspension Bridge London
Soho Way and Smethwick Rolfe Street
Blackpool Tower
London Tower Bridge
Eye Wheel of London


30×30 Open Exhibition Project Ability, Glasgow December 2018

ArtStudio01 Group Exhibition Participate Contemporary Artspace, Shrewsbury September 2018

No Boundaries. National Rail Touring Exhibition August 2018

Participate FotFM Open Flaxmill/Maltings Dye House, Shrewsbury September 2017

Kaarisilta Biennale, Finland 2017

It’s A New World – Project Ability Gallery, ArtStudio01 Group exhibition February 2016

Key Dates

Joined ArtStudio01 2015

G4A ACE grant 2015


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