Dan Land

“I like that I get to do drawings and paintings. I get to do all the characters from my video game that I want to make, called Psionicavator. I like that there is no censorship in ArtStudio01”

Dan’s work is centred around ‘Psionicavator’, a video game he has created that explores religion, hypocrisy, fairness and evil corporations. The game is split into four episodes, with four main playable characters in each episode. Two of the characters ‘God’ and ‘Vishnu’ have autism.

The storyboard cards for each character are created from Dan’s sketchbook development drawings, and are then worked into more detail through pencil and ink drawings or paintings. Dan’s drawings emerge directly from his imagination and he likes to use bright lights and colourfulness to depict his stories. His paintings often include many humorous details.

Dan also uses 3D modelling to depict both his characters and their props in paper and foam sheet. Dan plans to further develop his modelling skills through use of clay as well as digitally with ‘Blender’ software.

God's Bored of Sums
God’s Bored of Sums
God's Band: Techno Warriors
God’s Band: Techno Warriors
Psionic Warriors
Psionic Warriors
Fist Master
Fist Master
Cane Corp Prison
Cane Corp Prison
God's Bedroom
God’s Bedroom



ArtStudio01 Group Exhibition Participate Contemporary Artspace, Shrewsbury August 2018

30×30 Open Exhibition Project Ability, Glasgow December 2018

Making A Mark Open Exhibition Participate Contemporary Artspace, Shrewsbury March 2019

Key Dates

Joined ArtStudio01 in April 2018

BSc Degree in Interactive Media Production, Derby University, 2010 – 2015


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